Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta: Canada and Norway Next Says Elon Musk

While Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta is only available in the United States for now, CEO Elon Musk this afternoon shared more information on countries coming next to get the beta.

According to Musk, he said, “Canada and Norway are next after we get US out of early beta!”

There’s no word on how long the early FSD beta will last in the U.S., as the system continues to learn and improve based on beta tester feedback. Currently, FSD beta testers are running Tesla software update 2020.40.8.12, which brings a new graphical user interface.

Canada has a loyal Tesla following and it remains to be seen how FSD beta will handle winter conditions there, along with EV-centric Norway as well.

Other betas currently limited to the U.S. right now include Starlink internet, which Musk said earlier today would see ‘thousands’ more invites this week.