First Look: 2022 GMC Hummer EV Prototype [VIDEOS]

General Motors (GM) recently unveiled its design for an all-new, 2022 Hummer electric vehicle (EV), the first of its kind from the company. The vehicle sold out almost immediately upon announcement, signifying major enthusiasm from fans of the classic vehicle.

New videos shared on YouTube by The Kilowatts and Kelley Blue Book share first looks at the recently-announced GMC 2022 Hummer EV.

The Hummer comes stock with 35-inch rims, GM’s Super Cruise driver-assistance system, and the ability to drive 350 miles on one charge, allegedly.

While the vehicles in each video are pre-production vehicles and do not contain all the features to be included in upcoming 2022 units, it shows off a spectacular design for the anticipated EV, and a number of appreciable features on both the interior and exterior of the truck.

The roof panels on the Hummer EV will also be fully removable, allowing the vehicle to become convertible for nice weather cruising.

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On the new Hummer’s general look, Kelley Blue Book host, Lyn Woodward, said “This looks like something a G.I. Joe might take his granddaughter to soccer in.”

Whether a G.I. Joe really would drop off his granddaughter in soccer practice in this Hummer or not, the new design boasts some really exciting new features, most of which are brand new to the Hummer line.

Most importantly, the new Hummer is all-electric, contributing to the transition from conventional gas vehicles to sustainable transportation of the future.

While the Hummer looks cool, it’s also super expensive compared to Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. The base model Hummer EV is double the price of the entry Cybertruck, with the latter starting at $39,900 USD.