Tesla Model S Fitted with ‘Russian Arm’ for Filming Movie Chase Scenes

Tesla russian arm

Image via Larry Hurt on Facebook

Filmotechnic Canada is the creator of the Russian Arm System, which it says “is the unique combination of the gyro-stabilized Flight Head VI on the end of a gyro-stabilized remote controlled crane arm.”

This setup is usually mounted to the roof of a vehicle to help film chase scenes and more for making motion pictures, and now we’re seeing the Russian Arm mounted onto a Tesla Model S.

According to images shared by Larry Hurt on Facebook, the low center of gravity of the Tesla Model S makes for the perfect candidate to have the Russian Arm installed. Hurt is a freelance camera crane, stabilized head and Russian Arm technician, who recently shared pictures of of this unique setup on a Tesla.

“I work in the film industry and work on movies with high speed chase vehicles.
I tech this bad boy in the UK, it’s called ‘The Russian Arm’. It’s [a] gyrostabilised motorised arm that carries the film/digital camera on the end of it, we use it to get dynamic shots,” explained Hurt.

“So I’m pleased to share with you that my Ukrainian brothers in Canada have just mounted a telescopic version of The Russian Arm ontop of a Tesla Model S P90D, how cool is that!” added Hurt.

Tesla russian arm 2

Image via Larry Hurt

Hurt has nearly 20 years of experience working with Filmotechnic and the Russian Arm and says aside from a low center of gravity on the Model S (thanks to the battery pack weight), the glass room “is yet another advantage” that makes the electric vehicle perfect for the Russian Arm, as it allows the driver and operator to see the position of the arm.

According to Hurt, the glass roof allows for increased visibility and makes the Tesla safer compared to traditional ICE cars when using the Russian Arm, which is installed on a raised roof rack on the Model S. The roof rack top plate has numerous gaps for visibility, but not to sacrifice rigidity says Hurt.

Tesla russian arm 3

Image via Larry Hurt

As for the installation, he says the Russian Arm welded and bolted to both sides of the metal structural parts of the roof, at the strongest points and never touches the glass. There are also modifications inside the Model S to further strengthen the Russian Arm installation.

Below is a video clip of the Russian Arm in action:

YouTube video

Aside from the low center of gravity on the Tesla Model S, the vehicle’s instant acceleration also helps and benefits shots when filmed with The Russian Arm.