Tesla Supercharger Opening in Hrútafjörður, Iceland



Image via mbl.is

The Tesla Model 3, and a number of other electric vehicles (EVs), are selling better than ever in Iceland, with the country helping to lead the charge into a zero-emission vehicle world alongside a number of other countries.

Starting next week, Tesla will open new Supercharging locations for its customers in Iceland. The new V3 Superchargers are expected to open next week at Staðarskáli in Hrútafjörður, and will offer up to 250kW of charging power – five times the power of charging stations built thus far in the country.

The news was shared on Twitter by user @MontrealTesla, and was originally reported by mbl.is.

Additionally, Iceland also has the tenth-most Tesla Cybertruck preorders in the world, a surprising feat for the country which typically tends towards smaller vehicles than customers in the US. Still, the icy cold region does seem like the perfect landscape for the Cybertruck.

The new Tesla Superchargers are expected to well outperform old measures of charging infrastructure within the country, many of which were supported by the government’s Energy Fund. The Tesla Superchargers will not, however, receive money from Iceland’s Treasury to build the new stations.

Along with the Hrútafjörður location, Ole Gudbrann Hempel, manager of development of the Nordic Supercharging stations, says that the company also aims to develop new Superchargers in Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Höfn in Hornafjörður, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, and the area near Selfoss. In short, Iceland’s EV-charging infrastructure is soon getting a major facelift.


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