Tesla Details its UK Energy Plan, Virtual Power Plant in Email

Plans are in motion throughout the world for electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla, and the newest story is bringing clean energy to millions outside of the country’s home in the United States (US).

Tesla has officially launched its energy plan for United Kingdom (UK) customers, having made the initial filing in May 2020, as reported by Teslarati. It’s the first of likely many moves to become a regular utility service option for residents.

The energy plan is a unifying system and works alongside the Tesla Powerwall, as well as solar roofing and panels. It also seeks to build a “virtual power plant,” through the network of Powerwalls installed throughout the UK.

While it is working with Octopus Energy, it is unclear whether Tesla’s new plan will work with non-Tesla products, though it is assumed to work with third-party solar panels, at the very least.

The EV company officially filed to become a utility provider in May 2020, signaling that it could begin providing energy to customers as soon as this year, through its Powerwall and energy plan systems.

As clean energy slowly shifts to become the norm, what will be left of conventional utility companies? While it’s tough to say, it’s exciting to see the shift to a more sustainable world happen on a mass level.