Tesla ‘Short Shorts’ Get Unboxing Treatment [PICS]

Back in July, Tesla launched limited edition ‘Short Shorts’ for sale online, which offer “exceptional comfort from the closing bell.”

The shorts were launched by CEO Elon Musk to shove in the face of short-sellers betting against Tesla. These red satin shorts were priced at $69.420 each and now we’re seeing the first unboxing of Tesla Short Shorts.

Tesla owner James Locke, who has also been sharing excellent Tesla Full Self-Driving beta videos, received an order of the latter and posted unboxing photos online.

Tesla short shorts 1

Tesla short shorts 2

According to Locke, these shorts are polyester and the label says to hand wash. The back of the shorts have “S3XY’ indicated on the back. “S3XY’ refers to Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

Did you get your pair of Tesla Short Shorts yet?