Car and Driver Bar Chart: How Tesla’s Model 3 is Dominating EV Sales in the U.S. [Update]



Everybody vs tesla

In the upcoming November 2020 issue of Car and Driver, the long-running automobile magazine has a feature story titled, “The EVs are Coming!”.

Within this story, Car and Driver details the electric vehicle (EV) demand around the globe, with China’s market leading the way, at more than 50% larger than the United States in 2019.

The publication details how there are over 50 electric models currently for sale or coming in the next three years, noting “automakers are betting that Americans will soon make the switch to battery-powered vehicles.”

In one bar chart, titled “Everybody vs. Tesla”, Car and Driver details the number of EV sales based on registrations in the U.S. from January through July 2020. The publication says “right now, the EV competition is a one-horse race, with the Tesla Model 3 recording more registrations than all the others combined.”

As you can see in a picture of Car and Driver story above, the Tesla Model 3 saw a whopping 62,369 registrations in 7 months in the United States. The bar chart is actually showing as misaligned within the November issue within Apple News+ (the lines should be pushed down a couple notches).

In the November print version of Car and Driver, the line representing the Model 3 extends across two pages of the magazine, showing just how dominant Tesla is in the U.S. right now.

The second closest competitor was Tesla’s own Model Y at 15,878 registrations in the same period, followed by the company’s Model X at 10,953 in third place. The Chevy Bolt EV is in fourth at 9,315 registrations, then the Tesla Model S in fifth at 7,599. Further down in sixth is the Audi e-tron with 3,809 registrations.

With Tesla set to ramp up production of Model Y and Cybertruck at its upcoming factories in Texas, Germany and Shanghai, expect the company to keep dominating other EV makers, as CEO Elon Musk keeps obsessing to achieve to world’s most-efficient automobile assembly line, with a goal to reach 500,000 cars produced in a single year for the first time.

Update: A Tesla North reader pointed out a picture of the print version of Car and Driver November 2020 below; thanks Christian @tesla_master:


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