Tesla 2020.40.8.11 Software Update Rolls Out to FSD Beta Testers

Tesla last night rolled out its 2020.40.8.11 software update to its Full Self-Driving beta testers.

This update contains bug fixes according to @WholeMarsBlog, who is currently one of a small group of early Full Self-Driving beta testers. 


Yesterday we saw a real world test of Full Self-Driving beta in a Los Angeles commute. Expect even more demos of FSD beta as more Tesla owners get selected to test out this new release.

Update: Check out the Tesla 2020.40.8.11 software update release notes above shared by @teslaownersSV. They’re the same as before. Tesla has also added a button for FSD beta testers to send feedback as well, to improve the system.

As for Elon Musk’s personal FSD beta build, it’s “a few days ahead” of what these public beta testers are using, confirmed the Tesla CEO earlier this morning.