Tesla May Build Factory in Indonesia Hints Official

US electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla is in talks with Indonesian officials, and the result will be an even-more global EV brand.

Tesla is discussing the idea of building a battery factory in Indonesia, according to CNBC Indonesia. Specifically, the Indonesian government is directing the company to build its factory in Batang, Central Java, an integrated industrial area currently under construction by the government. Tesla is apparently interested in the nation’s nickel reserves, which are the largest in the world, and a key component of batteries.

Last month, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, said, “Before I end my remarks, I would like to convey again that there are many who are interested in investing in Indonesia, I just received a call from Tesla in America, they are also interested in building a lithium battery (factory) in Indonesia.”

Over 153 local and foreign companies to Indonesia have signed up to try to become a part of the government’s industrial site.

In the past, major metal-producing companies in Indonesia have received backlash for dumping millions of tonnes of waste in the sea, including iron and other metals. Despite this, the country is still a major exporter of the world’s nickel, and Tesla has already stated its intent to work with the country.

A push for ethical mining and production practices from CEO Elon Musk could go a long way for Indonesia. In any case, Tesla moving into Indonesia may set a better precedent for other companies that need to become more sustainable in their practices in order to help preserve the planet.