Some Tesla Owners Seeing Free ‘Premium Connectivity’ Subscriptions in Canada



Tesla premium connectivity

Image via Rich S. From Facebook

It appears Tesla is offering up a freebie to select Tesla owners in Canada, in the form of free unlimited access to a Premium Connectivity subscription.

According to Orlando B.F. from the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group on Facebook, Premium Connectivity is showing up in accounts, noting it “Free Unlimited.”

“Good morning everyone! I woke up today surprised I had premium connectivity again! Why is that? I haven’t had it since last year,” explained Orlando on Friday morning.

Other Canadian Tesla Model 3 owners chimed in to say they also had Premium Connectivity after checking their accounts. It appears 2019 Model 3 owners such as those with Long Range and Standard Range Plus Model 3 configurations are seeing this freebie applied, as 2020 owners are saying nothing is showing for them.

Tesla ended free trials of Premium Connectivity in Canada back in May. The Premium Connectivity package offers a range of additional services such as an internet browser, life traffic visualization, video streaming, and satellite-view maps, to go with karaoke and music streaming service, at the cost of $13.99 CAD per month ($9.99/month in the United States).

You may want to check your Tesla account if you have a 2019 Model 3, to see if Premium Connectivity has returned. It’s unclear if this is a glitch, or if Tesla is tossing out a freebie.

Earlier this week, Tesla launched a major refresh for Model 3, increasing its range thanks to a heat pump, while also adding new exterior and interior features.


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