2021 Polestar 2 vs. Tesla Model 3 [VIDEO]



Despite the Polestar 2‘s range being a bit less than the Tesla Model 3, it’s still considered a fast car and a good addition to the lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) available out there.

On Wednesday, YouTube channel Throttle House released a video pitting the Polestar 2 against a Tesla Model 3.

In the video, hosts Thomas and James get into a Tesla Model 3 and a Polestar 2, respectively. As they begin driving, they start discussing details about each car, including the body issues found on the Model 3, which the Polestar 2 apparently did not have.

Before switching vehicles in the video to get a refreshed memory of Thomas’ Model 3, James said, “I really, really like this Polestar 2.” He continued, “As an EV, I think it accomplishes everything that you’d want, and then some. It’s actually fun to drive.”

At the end of the video, Thomas shares that he thinks the Model 3 is the way to go with its range, supercharger network, and price point, while James states that he leans toward the Polestar 2.

Ultimately, Thomas and James agree that having both options is the best alternative to the prior market. As more EVs continue to arrive on the scene, it will give EV enthusiasts and hopefuls a chance to pick their favorite in a lineup of different cars, and neither of these EVs would be a bad choice.


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