SpaceX Starlink Internet Boosts Connectivity for Hoh Tribe in WA State

Starlink is well on its way to providing internet to the rural world, and many in the Washington State area are thrilled.

On Wednesday, Elon Musk responded to a Twitter user thanking him for the onset of Starlink in Washington, saying, “You’re Most Welcome!” The original tweet was posted by the Hoh Tribe of Washington (@TribeHoh).

The Hoh Tribe account initially wrote, “What a difference high-speed internet cane make! Our children can participate in remote learning, residents can access #healthcare.” She contiued, “We felt like we’d been paddling up-river with a spoon on this. @SpaceX Starlink made it happen overnight. Thanks @WAStateCommerce for introduction.”

Starlink recently launched 60 new low-Earth orbit satellites using the Falcon 9 reusable rocket booster. The company has also announced it will open its beta publicly to residents in certain places in the US.

Other companies like Amazon and Canada’s Telesat also hope to have their hand in the satellite game – Telesat does already for television – though it will be tough for them both to compete with the momentum SpaceX already has.

Other indigenous communities around the world have tried to call upon Musk before to compel him to avoid certain unethical nickel mining practices, though this may actually be the first time Musk has responded before.