Tesla Eliminates its Public Relations Department: Report

Apparently, Tesla has gone months without responding to a press inquiry, and now, the electric vehicle (EV) giant is taking that one step further.

In an unprecedented new move, Tesla has completely dissolved its PR department, according to reports by electrek. The shift will mean that the EV company will have no team specifically-dedicated to talking with the press.

The news was confirmed by an unnamed Tesla higher-up source who responded to electrek, saying, “We no longer have a PR Team.”

Keely Sulprizio was the final head of the PR department, though she left in December and was followed by every other member of the company’s PR team, before moving to different companies or other positions within Tesla.

As far as we can tell, this is the first time in history that a car manufacturer has elected to bypass any kind of press team. Still, the company frequently relies on CEO Elon Musk to speak with press, especially through his Twitter page where he’ll often drop new information to followers.

Whatever the news means for the future of EVs, it’s certainly an interesting move for Tesla. Without a PR team, the company will need to rely on its public figures more fully to communicate news and other viable information, while avoiding stepping on the toes of the media.