Tesla 2020.40.0.4 Software Update Released: What’s New

After releasing Tesla software update 2020.40.0.1 earlier this morning, the company has already started to push out 2020.40.0.4 to a small number of vehicles.

What’s new in Tesla’s 2020.40.0.4 software update? It adds the following features to the previous 2020.40.0.1 update, which you can read in the release notes below (via Teslascope):

Mobile App – Vent Windows (Model S)

  • You can now vent all of your windows from the Tesla mobile app. Note: this feature requires the Tesla mobile app version 3.10.0 or later.

Charge Port Inlet Heater (Model 3; Model Y)

  • Your car can now use the charge port inlet heater to help defrost the inside of the charge port. The charge port inlet heater can be activated in cold ambient temperatures by enabling preconditioning using the mobile app, activating the rear defrost button on the vehicle’s touchscreen, or preconditioning the vehicle using scheduled departure.

The charge port inlet heater has been added to Model 3, a feature already on Model Y.

In case you missed it, Tesla’s 2020.40.0.1 software update added a Priority Bluetooth Device feature for all cars, while also added a Glovebox PIN as well, to lock your glovebox with a password. Also new is Speed Assist for highways to detect speed limit signs.

These updates are rolling out slowly right now so many users aren’t seeing them just yet, so stay tuned. Let us know what updates you’re seeing right now for your Tesla.