Tesla Plans to Half the Cost Per KWh for Batteries

Battery Day is upon us, and we’ll keep you updated here.

In a shareholder’s update Tuesday by Tesla CEO Elon Musk prior to the Battery Day event, Musk announced new battery pricing per kWh in the US – the new price hopes to cut the cost per kWh for batteries in half. And yet, Battery Day has barely even begun.

The exciting price cut comes as the result of a tabless cell within the new 4680 battery. Without the tabs, manufacturing speed will be increased significantly. Additionally, the battery will increase range by 16%, power by 6x, and total energy by 5x.

Elon Musk at shareholder’s meeting September 22; courtesy of Tesla

Among other mentions at the shareholder’s meeting, Musk also expressed the significance of the company’s cash flow generation, its autonomy, and its future.

“We do not have an affordable car. That’s something we will have in the future. But we’ve got to get the cost of batteries down,” Musk told shareholders.

On the future of battery improvements, Musk called new battery technology, “Truly revolutionary,” and asked the shareholders, “By how many years did we accelerate sustainable energy?”

More Battery Day updates to follow. Keep Tabs on TeslaNorth and come back to this particular article for more, as it unfolds.