Tesla’s New In-House Battery Cell Leaks, Fabricated by Roadrunner

With Battery Day now officially less than a week away, Tesla fans, shareholders, and observers alike are growing antsy to see what the electric vehicle (EV) company will unveil.

Expected to be shared at the event, Tesla has a new battery cell, produced in-house, as leaked by electrek. The new battery cell comes from the secret project revealed earlier this year called Roadrunner, a facility and manufacturing system for its new EV batteries.

The new cell is supposed to add significant capacity to future Tesla models, and the company has already applied for a patent for the new tabless electrode technology. Earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk claimed that the tabless model was “way more important than it sounds,” signifying that it could be a major breakthrough in EV battery technology as many experts have expected in advance of Battery Day.

If the new battery cell does, in fact, change the world of EV batteries, Tesla could be sitting higher than ever before. Some analysts have discussed the possibility for Tesla to sell its new battery to other EV brands. However, even if the company didn’t sell its batteries to others, it’s still the only entirely-electric lineup of cars in the industry, and keeping the new tech to itself may have some perks of its own.