Tesla Solar Roofs Coming to Canada According to Toronto Job Posting



It’s no question that Tesla has been expanding its efforts worldwide, especially if you keep your eyes on their job boards.

Just recently, Tesla announced that it’s hiring for a Lead Solar Roofer based out of its Toronto, Ontario showroom, meaning that solar roofs are finally coming to Toronto.

The position is full-time and the employee will be a part of the Field Energy Operation team at the Canadian location, and will likely mean that the greater Toronto area will now have access to having Tesla’s solar roofs as well as

The push towards solar roofing has been just one of many growing projects by Tesla and CEO/entrepreneur Elon Musk, including the expansion of SpaceX efforts, a new electric vehicle (EV) battery expected to be unveiled later this month, and Neuralink’s brain implant, to name just a few.

For the position, Tesla is looking for someone with a lot of energy systems experience, as well as specific roofing experience. Since it will require the employee to go to peoples’ houses and install the solar roofs, the position also requires regular travel.

Wherever the Tesla solar roof goes next, it’s sure to be a hot commodity, given its comparative affordability to getting a new roof and solar panels.

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