SpaceX Starlink Speed Tests Show Download Speeds Up to 61 Mbps

With SpaceX Starlink internet set to launch its public beta soon, some private beta testers have been uploading their tests to

Reddit users have been scouring and compiling test results, which show some 15 ‘confirmed’ Starlink speed tests (via Ars Technica).

Some of the fastest results seen? The one below apparently confirmed privately in Seattle showed a ping of 20 milliseconds, 61.32 Mbps download and 9.90 Mbps upload, all from the existing 600 Starlink low earth orbit satellites currently in operation.

Starlink internet spacex

As for whether these tests are real? Ookla, which runs, told PCMag, “These tests do appear to be legitimate. In general, the information about a connection that is visible to a user during a test is rigorously vetted by our QA (quality assurance) team.”

The 20 millisecond latency was previously cited by Elon Musk, “designed to run real-time, competitive video games.” The Version 2 of Starlink at lower altitude “could be as low as 8ms latency,” added the SpaceX and Tesla CEO.

SpaceX requested to the FCC in early August to increase its Starlink terminals from 1 million to 5 million, citing “extraordinary demand.”

Earlier this month, SpaceX launched 57 more Starlink satellites into space aboard the Falcon 9, taking the total number to about 600 satellites, out of the overall 12,000 allowed by the FCC.

The first public betas of SpaceX Starlink satellite internet will be available later this year for the northern USA and southern parts of Canada. For those living in rural areas with slow internet, Starlink comes as the ultimate gift as download speeds and low latency will bring connectivity unavailable from local internet providers.