Road Test: Tesla Model S ‘Cheetah Mode’ Goes 0-60 in 2.4 Seconds, Ties Porsche Taycan Turbo S

We all know Tesla’s performance models are fast, as depicted by many recent racing victories, but did you know they get even faster with the release of each software update?

In a road test conducted by and shared Thursday, the 2020 Tesla Model S proves its worth once again, improving from a 0-60mph acceleration in 2.5 seconds with the old software to 2.4 seconds with the updated software.

The pace set by the Model S tied the website’s other fastest four-door, the Porsche Taycan Turbo 5, which also performed a 2.4 second acceleration from 0-60mph. “Cheetah Mode,” a Tesla feature which lowers the front of the car and improves acceleration, offers these impressive speeds and is utilized by racecar drivers using the electric vehicle (EV) company’s lineup.

In spite of the Tesla Model S’s demonstrated speed, the test also includes a warning: it doesn’t take much for the battery to overheat in Cheetah Mode, so you must be attentive to the battery gauge displayed on the dashboard. One user on Twitter cited this lack of range as an issue.

Regardless, this is still an early demonstration of the budding EV company, and updates will surely include battery heating improvements in the future. It’s safe to say that even with the battery issues at hand, Tesla is already doing some pretty impressive stuff.