Rivian Condemns Tesla Lawsuit as ‘True Speculation’, Requests Dismissal

In the electric vehicle world, trade secrets are a valuable commodity, though misusing them would have the potential to be costly to any company, large or small.

Rivian, a North American electric vehicle manufacturer, has just requested for a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Tesla in July, as reported by TechCrunch

The original lawsuit claimed that Rivian had stolen trade secrets and past employees, though the counter-request posed against Tesla maintains that two out of three of the case’s claims fail to offer sufficient allegations. Those representing Rivian criticized Tesla’s filing of the lawsuit, claiming it was done maliciously to impede the growth of Rivian as a company, also saying it had nothing to do with defending its own intellectual property.

In the court filing, Rivian said “In particular, the Court should not credit as true speculation of the kind scattered throughout Tesla’s complaint.”

Rivian also claimed that it had taken several cautionary measures against the spread of confidential information, including a number of company policies and procedures.

While the outcome of this lawsuit is yet to be determined, it will likely be more than a bump in the road for Rivian. Still, the rebuttal against the lawsuit shows the company’s willingness to stand its ground, which may be what saves them in the end.