Tesla Leases for Model 3, Model Y Now Available in Canada

Tesla has quietly launched leases for Model 3 and Model Y in Canada, expanding the option beyond the Model S and Model X for the country.

To lease a Model Y Long Range AWD (starting at $69,990 CAD) for example, Tesla is showing a monthly price of $724 per month for a customer in Canada. This price is based on a $5,250 CAD down payment and 16,000 kilometres allotted per year.

Tesla says if you factor in potential gasoline savings, you’re paying $630 CAD per month for Model Y.

For default downpayment as above for Model 3 on a 48 month term, it will cost $474 CAD per month, or $318 per month after gasoline savings.

The change on Tesla’s website was spotted by a reader that tipped off Electrek.

By offering a lease option for Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla now has another way to expand sales for customers who do not want to purchase vehicles, but favour leasing instead.