Electric Vehicles in British Columbia More than Double from 2019 to 2020


Over ten years ago, the first electric vehicles officially rolled out in British Columbia. According to the Victoria EV Club, there were 13,727 electric vehicles in British Columbia back in March 2019. After a 114% increase, there were now more than 23,750 electric vehicles this year in March.

President of Victoria Electric Vehicle Association (VicEVA) David Grove released a statement on how the province plans to make use of electric vehicles:

“Residents of British Columbia continue to discover the advantages of electric vehicle ownership in terms of the reductions in operating costs and maintenance, smooth and silent operation, and the reduction of CO2 emissions. We particularly congratulate all the new EV owners who have made a personal commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.”

British Columbia also provides a ‘Go Electric Vehicle Incentive Program’. The government can grant up to “$3,000 for the purchase or lease of a new battery electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell electric, or longer range plug-in hybrid electric vehicle”. For those interested in more short-range hybrid electric cars, they could be looking at an incentive of $1,500.

Over $100 million has been given away from these incentives. British Columbia is focusing more on clean electric vehicles (CEVs), which are more environmentally friendly and can help lower greenhouse gases.

Coupled with a Federal rebate of $5,000 CAD, Canadians in B.C. can save $8,000 off a Tesla Model 3, resulting in a $44,990 CAD price before taxes.

British Columbia proudly boasts one of the largest charging networks in Canada, selling the most electric vehicles per capita.