EV Charging Sessions Back to Pre-Coronavirus Levels Says BC Hydro



BC Hydro hit an all-time low in April with a total of 10,000 electric vehicle charging sessions, in British Columbia, Canada. With the current pandemic, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are fewer cars driving about. The provincial crown corporation has seventy charging stations all throughout Canada, which averaged 21,000 charging sessions monthly before the pandemic. This means that there was over a 50% drop.

BC Hydro reached a total of 20,000 charging sessions last month in June. While this number still isn’t the same as before, we can expect them to return to pre-coronavirus levels soon.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, the most popular charging station is near Highway 1 at Grandview Highway Superstore in Vancouver. With other popular locations being on major roads, this suggests that many electric vehicle (EV) owners are frequently commuting again, as the province has been slowly reopening due to COVID-19.

Even though charging stations are rising in popularity once more, EV owners are still advised to charge at home and practice social distancing. That being said, the demand for public charging stations is good news for BC Hydro.


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