Tesla Software Update 2020.24.6.9 Rolling Out for Model S, 3, X, Y [u]

Tesla has started rolling out software update 2020.24.6.9 to owners of the company’s Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

According to Teslascope, this update appears to be related to bug fixes and other minor improvements as the details match 2020.24.6.4. Others on Twitter have similarly noted nothing is new in this update according to release notes, as they are the same as before.

This Tesla software update 2020.24.6.9 first started rolling out about an hour ago. Let us know if you’re seeing it within your Tesla.

Update: Tesla software update 2020.28.2 is also available, which adds a new setting for passenger face vents in the Model Y:

Your car will automatically disable the passenger face vents when no passenger is detected, lowering energy consumption in hot weather. This vent can be manually enabled by tapping where you’d like the passenger face vent to direct air within the climate control panel.

Model Y comes with a heat pump for efficient heating and cooling. Disabling one vent automatically will increase efficiency of the system and save battery life for the Model Y.