Tesla Updates Model S/X Specs with 250 kW Max Supercharging Rates



Model s specs

Along with lowering the price of the Model Y, adding new accessories for Model S and Model X, Tesla has made some more quiet changes for its original sedan and SUV.

The Tesla website has updated the specs page for the Model S and Model X to now indicate Supercharging Max rates are now at 250 kW, up from the previous 225 kW (an update made in June 2020). This means max Supercharger rates now match the Model 3 and Model Y at V3 Superchargers, capable of up to 1,000 miles/hr (1,600 km/hr) charge rates. (via Reddit).

Model s model x specs 250 kW

It’s unknown if this change is because of new battery chemistry for battery packs in Model S or X, or other changes in electronics and software. Tesla is set to hold its Battery Day event in September, which may shed more light on the company’s newest battery technology and explain further about battery changes in Teslas.

For new Model S and Model X orders, it appears the new higher Supercharging rate means you’ll be able to juice up faster at Supercharger stations and spend less time waiting.


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