Tesla Model Y Deliveries Arrive on Vancouver Island, B.C.



It appears one of the first (if not the first) Tesla Model Y delivery has made its way to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

A picture of a red Tesla Model Y was shared in the Tesla Owners Club Vancouver Island Facebook group yesterday by Dale E., noting a “long ferry ride home” from Vancouver to bring the vehicle back to the island. Check out the picture below shared by Dale:

Tesla model y vancouver island

Dale also shared images of this wife’s new Model Y next to their existing Model 3.

Given Vancouver Island’s close proximity to Vancouver, where the first Model Y deliveries took place in Canada, it’s natural reservations were able to pick up their orders this month as well.

We heard from a Tesla North reader Tesla continues to notify other Model Y reservations on southern Vancouver Island about upcoming deliveries (AWD, white, 20″ Induction wheels). A text message sent out this evening reads:

Tesla Update – We currently expect your Model Y to be delivered between 6/27 – 6/30 and will reach out to schedule your delivery once your Model Y is built.

Please be prepared to take delivery as soon as your Model Y is ready.

Tesla Model Y deliveries are also taking place in Calgary, along with many more in Ontario and Quebec expected this week.


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