New Tesla Feature Lets Up to 5 People Share Your Car with Full Driving and Key Access

Since the company’s start, Tesla has always worked to offer user-friendly features. Whether you’re looking at the developments in its self-driving systems, or its latest battery offerings, it’s clear Tesla continues to abide by this mission. A new car-sharing feature will give Tesla drivers and the public alike even greater access to the world’s leading electric vehicles.

As unveiled in the Model 3 account section on Tesla’s website (via Electrek), drivers now have the ability to provide access to multiple drivers. At this point in time, the car-sharing feature allows drivers to select up to five drivers. In order to do so, the driver must simply enter the designated person’s email address. Upon sending the email, the recipient can use the form to access the Tesla app and unlock a vehicle.

Following many of its newest updates and features, the car-sharing addition is only available in the United States at this time. At this stage, it’s unclear whether the feature will migrate to Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world. If the past is any indication, it’s likely Tesla will test the success of the feature in the US before rolling it out in other countries. With this new access, the company aims to increase access to its vehicles, enhancing its brand recognition and usability even further.