Model Y Delivery Checklist: This Printable PDF is a Must for New Owners

Since its launch in March, drivers have enjoyed the Tesla Model Y. The vehicle delivers impressive stats and performance on nearly every front. However, the vehicle’s launch and production has been beset with obstacles from the start. The coronavirus outbreak forced Tesla to make the switch to touchless deliveries. While the move seemed negative at first, buyers seem to enjoy the ease of the process, as Tesla continued to report healthy sales on the Model Y. A new Model Y delivery checklist walks us through each and every detail that buyers can expect once they make their purchase.

Tesla Model Y Delivery Checklist

The Model Y Delivery Checklist, found here, begins by walking through the exterior of the vehicle. First and foremost, drivers should check to make sure that the vehicle’s VIN # matches their order and paperwork. While problems with the VIN # are rare, they can certainly generate some unwanted issues. Continuing down the list, drivers are encouraged to look for unusual wear on the rims and tires, the door trim, the paint job, and more. It’s also advisable to open and close the doors, checking for any squeaks or unusual sounds.

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The checklist was made by YouTube channel The Buzz from back in March. The creator said at the time:

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well and staying safe! Just like I did for the Model 3 I wanted to create a detailed list for those taking delivery of the Model Y. The idea here is to provide you a list you can use to make sure your checking off the important items and making sure your noting all/any issues with your delivery specialist. Moreover, most of the items I cover here in this video are items I wish I knew to check when I took delivery of my Model 3 almost two years ago. The link is a downloadable PDF so you can take it with you…. Enjoy your new car!!!!

YouTube video

The checklist continues with similar guidelines for each part of the vehicle’s interior. The technical section of the checklist concluded by having drivers perform several tests. Drivers should use the touchscreen to make sure it’s functional. They should also download the Tesla app and ensure that it connects with their Model Y without complication.

The next round of Model Y deliveries are happening in Canada this month, so this is a handy list to have and take with you.