The 1 Million Mile Battery is Ready for Production Says Tesla Supplier

Earlier in the year, Tesla reported a collaboration with a Chinese partner to produce a new electric vehicle battery that would revolutionize the medium and the larger landscape of transportation in the modern world. The battery, known colloquially as the “One Million Mile Battery” is now ready for production.

Newsweek reported on the battery stating that, “The leadership of a Tesla technology partner in China that is helping to develop a “one million mile” battery says the company is now “ready to produce.” As it stands, Tesla looks to roll out the battery in its China-made Model 3. Sales for the vehicle in China already boast some impressive numbers. The inclusion of such a revolutionary battery only enhances consumer demand.

Tesla’s battery partner for the project, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd, also works with Toyota and BMW. Even though the Million Mile battery is set to begin in China, Tesla could expand its offerings. With Battery Day on the horizon, many people expect some significant news in regards to Tesla’s battery developments for markets in the rest of the world.

Even so, the Chinese market remains fruitful for Tesla. The region is quick to adopt electric vehicles. Both demand and sales numbers from Tesla prove China’s interest in electric vehicles.