Elon Musk Says Traffic Control Autopilot Will Reach Canada Soon

Tesla’s latest Autopilot features bring a number of revolutionary features to drivers. In the electric vehicle company’s latest software update, a new beta mode allows drivers to engage with experimental traffic features. With Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control mode, vehicles respond in real time to traffic conditions, adjusting Autopilot navigation to correspond with traffic lights and stop signs. In a recent tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it appears that the feature is coming to Canadian drivers sometime in the next few weeks.

As Musk often does, he replied to a fan’s question regarding Canadian access to the new feature. The fan asked, “Any word on when traffic control autopilot will come to Canada?” Tesla CEO Musk replied saying “A few weeks away.” The tweet went out on May 15th, which puts the expected date somewhere around the first of June.

The company rolls out releases in different countries at different times. We’ve seen with certain features in the past, such as contactless deliveries implemented in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. In any case, Canadian drivers are eager to get their hands on Tesla’s latest Autopilot feature. The feature remains in beta test mode. As such, drivers are encouraged to exercise caution.