Is the Model Y the Best EV Tesla Has Ever Made? [VIDEO]

The Tesla Model Y has been receiving some positive reviews since its initial launch in March. Drivers cite the vehicle’s efficiency, range, and interior design as key components of Tesla’s latest electric vehicle. A new video from Sandy Munro looks at the Tesla Model Y as the best electric vehicle Tesla makes. Let’s see why.

YouTube video

Sandy Munro takes an analytical engineer’s perspective on his Model Y opinions. As demonstrated in his excellent Tesla Model Y tear down videos, Munro has no issue pointing out engineering flaws and features alike. As such, he mentions a few minor issues with the Model Y thus far. Some drivers have reported issues with the quality of the paint on the vehicle’s exterior. Additionally, some customers have reported excess noise coming from the vehicle’s heat pump.

As expected, no electric vehicle is without its issues. Even so, the Model Y still holds a positive review in Munro’s estimation. Many subtle changes to the engineering in this new electric vehicle allow for minor changes that add up across the vehicle. While some changes may be nearly undetectable to many drivers, those with the expertise to take notice have. It’s these minor compounding changes in engineering that make the Model Y the best electric vehicle Tesla makes.