Autotrader Reviews the Tesla Model Y [VIDEO]

As Tesla’s newest electric vehicle, the Model Y has garnered lots of attention. While some of this attention may have been overshadowed by more pressing updates on Tesla as a company in recent days, the Model Y is still relatively new. As such, there are many major automobile outlets continuing to release their thoughts on the vehicle. In a new video review, Autotrader does just that, giving viewers a thorough look into the Model Y.

YouTube video

As the video states, drivers should know what to expect from new Tesla vehicles. Slick design features, a smooth interior, and superior acceleration. The video attributes such outstanding performance to the vehicle’s 75-kWh battery pack. The video touches on the fact that the vehicle’s battery powers two motors: “one on the front axle, one on the rear axle.” With Tesla’s long-awaited Battery Day approaching, drivers can expect even more information on Tesla battery offerings.

Autotrader points out a few minor complaints with the vehicle’s touchscreen. While the touchscreen is easy to navigate and understand, it may prove to be a distraction to some drivers. As suggested, the implementation of more voice commands may help to mitigate this issue. After all, we’ve already seen some innovative usage of voice commands with the Model Y.

Ultimately, Autotrader looks kind upon the new Model Y. Despite some minor concerns, the vehicle represents a successful merging of luxury electric vehicle performance and design perks with everyday practicality.