Tesla Bringing Partial Staff Back in California

Tesla Inc. plans to bring some of its staff back to production facilities in Fremont, California. Due to the shelter in place orders put in place earlier in the coronavirus outbreak, Tesla had to shut down operations. As a result, the company ceased many core manufacturing services, sending hundreds of employees home. Now, due to some recent updates from California leadership, it looks as though Tesla will bring back some of its workforce.

According to sources at Bloomberg News,“Tesla is calling some workers back to its San Francisco Bay Area vehicle-assembly plant next week…” The news follows the initial announcement of plant closings at the end of March. At the time, the electric vehicle and solar power maker stated its plans to reopen on May 4th. While California leadership made some recent announcements suggesting the likelihood of an extended shelter in place order, no official word has been established.

Until explicit orders are given by local authorities in the Bay Area, Tesla will return some of its staff to work. According to Tesla’s report, they requested that some workers return to the California facility on April 29th. Additionally, “they also asked workers to reply and say whether they plan to show up, the report added.”