Why the Tesla Model Y Heat Pump is Such a Big Game Changer



The Tesla Model Y has impressed a lot of owners. While the vehicle hasn’t even been out that long, there is no shortage of information and reviews for the Model Y. In a new video titled “The Biggest Change in Model Y Over the S, 3, or X!” the YouTube channel DÆrik shows just how integral the Model Y heat pump is to the rest of the vehicle.

Initially discovered among the first wave of Model Y deliveries, the heat pump is quite an amazing addition to the electric vehicle. The heat pump not only improves battery efficiency, but it also makes the Model Y more practical for drivers who live in harsh winter climates, such as those found in Canada.

As the video explains, the heat pump allows the vehicle to limit its electricity usage. Rather than using electricity to generate heat for the vehicle, the heat pump captures heat and transfers it throughout the vehicle. This allows for far greater efficiency in nearly every aspect of the Model Y.

The video touches on the fact that Model Y is the first Tesla vehicle to add a heat pump. The addition represents a further development of Tesla’s conscientiousness towards giving drivers optimal energy usage. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if the heat pump becomes a standard in all Tesla electric vehicles.


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