Jasper, Alberta May Be the Site of New Tesla Superchargers

According to Fitzhugh Jasper, the Alberta city could be home to a new Tesla Supercharger station. Jasper does have five different Level 2 charging stations currently in operation. However, the new proposal would bring an additional eight Level 3 charging stations to the city. Key representatives at Tesla and ATCO brought the idea forward to the Jasper Municipal Council.

In the proposal, the Jasper Municipal Council would provide funds for initial installation and equipment. The figures estimate costs around $120,000 or 166,098 CAD. A parking lot located on Connaught Drive across from Robinson AG Foods is the proposed site for the new Tesla Supercharger stations.

Since February 2020, Tesla has received over one hundred messages from drivers requesting Superchargers in the Jasper area. At the current stage, Jasper Mayor Richard Ireland seems to support the idea. “It is the future,” he said.  “I’m challenged more how this is really support for the industry rather than support for a player in the industry.”

Of course, the Jasper Municipal Council had its concerns. For one, they’re not sure how the project might impact the use of public space going forward. After all, the proposed contract gives Tesla use of the land for 15 years. Additionally, the city holds concerns surrounding the impact the project may have on business and commercial permits in the area.

As it stands, the project remains in the development stages. Overall, it seems as though government officials and residents in Jasper alike would appreciate more support for electric vehicles in the region.