First Tesla Model Y SUV Pictures Reveal Trunk Details, Exterior Features

image via Tesla Motors Club ‘SilverSmith’

As Tesla Model Y deliveries begin rolling out, we’re seeing more exciting images of the new electric vehicle. One such photo set posted on Tesla Motors Club by user ‘SilverSmith’ shows some key details of the Model Y SUV in vivid detail. Let’s take a look!

Anyone concerned about storage space will be happy to see that the trunk in the Model Y SUV is quite spacious. As Tesla promised, the Model Y SUV certainly delivers for anyone looking to use the vehicle for storage and hauling.

If the standard storage space in the trunk, SilverSmith shows us the extra storage bay beneath the main trunk panel. All you need to do is remove two pieces to unveil the extra room.

Yet another detailed shot of the side of trunk shows two buttons. These buttons are used for lowering or raising the back seats, allowing for even further storage if needed. The trunk also has deep side compartments providing additional space.

Another photo clearly shows the button used to control the powered hatch. True to Tesla form, the design is minimal and straightforward, catering to the user experience.

Finally, SilverSmith shares a picture of the 21-inch Uberturbine wheels. The wheels are available on the Model Y all wheel drive performance model.

These kinds of details help the Model Y SUV compete with traditional vehicles in the market. The Tesla Motors Club user who posted these photos also shared some additional information, adding that the rear seats have two recline settings, with front ports for both USB-C and USB-A. As Model Y deliveries continue, you can expect to learn even more about the vehicle. Stay tuned for more updates!