First Tesla Model Y Deliveries Begin in Japan [PICS]

Tesla launched Model Y sales in Japan in June, and the automaker is now delivering its first of the electric SUVs to residents to buyers in the country. The first Tesla Model Y units in Japan have begun delivering, as seen in photos shared from the Service Center in Toyonaka, Japan (via Reddit). The person […]

Over 300 Tesla Powerwalls Create Japan’s Largest Virtual Power Plant

A virtual power plant (VPP) project consisting exclusively of Tesla Powerwalls on the island of Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, has now become the largest of its kind in the country. The Miyakojima VPP project began in 2021 and today comprises more than 300 Powerwalls, Tesla said in a Japanese blog post. It is the […]

Tesla Launches Model Y Sales in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore [Update]

Tesla has launched Model Y sales in Japan and Australia and New Zealand. The RWD Model Y starts at 6.19 million yen ($46,147 USD) and Performance from 8.09 million yen ($60,312 USD). The RWD Model Y says it will deliver by August, while the Performance says the second half of 2022. 待望のミッドサイズSUVテスラ モデルYオーダー開始 Order Nowhttps://t.co/D4hjkxfYnMpic.twitter.com/PwQ5bBTSkk […]

First Tesla Delivery Center in Japan Opening in November

In April, sales of the Tesla Model 3 in Japan surged 1,300 percent year over year, and, subsequently, that trend has apparently continued as the company has also announced plans to open its first delivery center in the country. Tesla is set to open its first dedicated vehicle delivery center in Japan, according to an […]

Tesla Model 3 Sales in Japan Surge 1,300% Year-Over-Year

Following Tesla Model 3 price cuts in Japan, the country saw a major increase in demand for Tesla’s cars, and particularly, for the company’s Model 3 sedan. In March, the Tesla Model 3 increased sales by 1,300% year-over-year, going from just 44 units in March 2020 to 588 units in 2021, as reported by Yahoo […]

Tesla Demand in Japan Increases after Major Price Cuts

Tesla cut its prices of the Long Range Model 3 in Japan by about 24% just a few weeks ago, and following the event, demand for the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) within the country increased significantly. Before the price cut, Tesla’s cars were delivering in six to eight weeks following the initial order, but that […]

Tesla Cuts Prices of Model 3 in Japan by Up to 24%

The Tesla Model 3 is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV), and frequent reductions in price around the world are a small part of the reason why. According to the company’s website, Tesla has dropped the prices in Japan on its flagship Model 3, with the Standard Range Plus (SR+) decreasing by 16% and the […]

Japan Considers Banning New Gas Car Sales by Mid-2030s

Authorities worldwide are looking for ways to help push the world forward into an age of sustainable transportation, with many putting forth bold commitments to climate action in the auto industry. On Thursday, Japanese public broadcaster NHK announced that Japan is considering a ban on the sale of new gas cars by the mid-2030s, as […]