Tesla Reigns in California, Signaling a National Trend

The streets of California are buzzing, not with the roar of engines, but with the near-silent hum of electric vehicles. In a notable shift, Tesla has outpaced Toyota, establishing itself as the top-selling car brand in the Golden State. This development isn’t just about brand rivalry; it signals a broader trend that the entire US […]

Tesla Gains Approval for Drive-In Movie Supercharger Site

Tesla is set to redefine charging stops, as the electric car manufacturer secures a permit to launch its much-anticipated Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger in Los Angeles. The permit, confirmed by documents acquired by Teslarati from the LA Department of Building and Safety, opens the door for Tesla to commence its groundbreaking project. Originally teased […]

Tesla Sued by California Owners, Alleging False Range Estimates

Three Tesla owners in California filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the automaker on Wednesday, accusing the company of falsely advertising the estimated driving ranges of its electric vehicles. The legal action, which follows a recent Reuters report that brought forth unproven allegations, aims to represent all purchasers of Tesla’s Model 3, Model S, Model […]

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Again Top-Selling Cars in California

The California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) has reported an unexpected 11.6% year-over-year increase in new vehicle registrations for the second quarter of 2023. The association projects that registrations will hit 1.8 million units by the end of the year, surpassing initial predictions for the first quarter of 2022. CNCDA Chairman, Tony Toohey, highlighted the […]

Here’s the Tesla Booth at Electrify Expo [PICS]

Last week we told you Tesla was set to exhibit at all Electrify Expo tour stops, starting with the first that kicked off this weekend in Long Beach, California. Participating at these Electrify Expo stops are Tesla trying its hand at some advertising, as full booths with demo drives were made available. Electrify Expo shared […]

Tesla Vehicles to Exhibit at All Electrify Expo Tour Stops

Long Beach, California is set to host the Electrify Expo this weekend, the largest electric vehicle (EV) festival in North America. The festival, known for its engaging line-up and interactive experiences, will feature over 150 leading brands including industry giants Tesla, Ford, BMW, and many others. The Electrify Expo is a weekend-long celebration designed for […]

South Pasadena First to Adopt Entire Tesla Model Y Police Fleet

The South Pasadena Police Department is set to become the first law enforcement agency in the United States to convert its entire fleet of vehicles to electric, announced the city on Monday. The change is made possible through nearly $500,000 in clean transportation funding provided by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), […]

Tesla Autopilot Acquitted by Jury in California Crash Case

Summary California state court jury rules in favor of Tesla, finding that the Autopilot feature did not fail to perform safely in a crash. Justine Hsu, who filed the lawsuit in 2020, sought more than $3 million in damages, alleging defects in Autopilot and the airbag. The trial’s outcome could influence future cases related to […]

Tesla Announces Engineering Headquarters in California [VIDEO]

Tesla and California have just announced that Elon Musk’s automaker has announced a new worldwide engineering headquarters in the state. “There’s a lot to be excited about,” said Governor Gavin Newsom, standing alongside Tesla CEO Elon Musk during the announcement. Tesla is taking over office space in Palo Alto previously occupied by Hewlett Packard. Tesla […]

Tesla Model Y was the Best-Selling Car in California in 2022

The California New Car Dealers Association released a new auto outlook report for the fourth quarter of 2022, noting that the quarter was a “bright spot” amidst a year otherwise plagued with supply chain issues, as detailed in a press release on Tuesday. The report noted that supply chain problems and vehicle production cutbacks remained […]

Tesla Details its Economic Impact on California

Tesla today outlined its economic footprint in California as part of a new blog post. Since its inception 20 years ago, Tesla has grown to become the Golden State’s largest manufacturing employer, with 47,000 direct employees as of 2022. California is home to Tesla’s Fremont factory — which last year became the highest-yield automotive plant […]

New California Law Bans Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ Marketing Term

California Governor Gavin Newsom has passed a new law effectively banning Tesla from marketing its in-development autonomous driving software as “Full Self-Driving” in the state starting in 2023 — reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The news comes after the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced plans to “revisit” its approach to regulating Tesla’s Full […]