Stories by Alex Diaz

Tesla Launches…Cybertruck Cardboard Cat Litter Box

Tesla has launched the sale of a new Cybertruck Corrugated Cat House (a kitty litter box), a new product that promises to revolutionize the way cat owners think about their pets’ daily needs—but only in China. Designed with a futuristic shape, this semi-open cat litter space comes complete with thick corrugated paper embedded inside, offering […]

Tesla Model S/X Seatbelt and Camera Recall Extends to China

Tesla has announced the recall of a total of 271 imported Model S and Model X electric vehicles (EVs) in China. The recall is being conducted to address issues related to seat belt and camera installations that could potentially pose safety hazards, reports CnEVPost. You may recall back in July, Tesla issued a similar recall […]

Tesla China Preps Model 3 ‘Highland’ for September: Rumour

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is gearing up its “Highland” Model 3 launch, according to a series of tweets shared by Tesla China Analyst (@teslashanghai) on August 3, 2023. The automaker has already reportedly started trial production of the Model 3 refresh, and mass deliveries are slated to begin in September. This timeline is notably ahead of […]

Researchers Hacked a Tesla to Unlock Paid In-Car Upgrades

A team of researchers has unveiled a method to hack into the hardware that drives Tesla’s infotainment system, enabling them to access features that would typically require payment, such as heated rear seats. This discovery effectively allows them to “jailbreak” the vehicle, potentially even enabling self-driving and navigation functions in regions where they are usually […]

Tesla Supercharging in Canada Now Billed in kWh

Tesla has made major changes to its Supercharging in Canada, as billing now takes place in kWh instead of billing by the minute. Numerous Tesla owners spotted the change that took place on Thursday morning on X and Reddit. Tesla North can confirm the change has taken place as the Tesla app is showing charging […]

Tesla Leases Pune Office; Discusses India Manufacturing Base: Report

Tesla has recently secured office space in Pune’s Viman Nagar, as the company’s top executives continue to meet with Indian government officials to discuss the possibility of entering the Indian market. According to documents accessed through CRE Matrix, Tesla India Motor & Energy has leased an office spread over 5,850 square feet in a coworking […]

Tesla Expands Magic Dock to Superchargers in Texas

Image credit: Jared (@jaredcs) Tesla has expanded its Magic Dock to Superchargers in Texas, which allows non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge at sites as well, thanks to the built-in CCS adapter. Magic Docks were unofficially confirmed on August 1, 2023, when Tesla owner Jared observed the installers working at the Eastchase Fort Worth Supercharger location, […]

Subaru Hopes for 600,000 Annual EV Sales by 2030

Subaru announced ambitious plans on Wednesday to reach annual sales of 600,000 battery electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030, accounting for 50% of its global sales target. The new goal reflects a significant increase from the company’s previous aim to have battery EVs and hybrids make up at least two-fifths of the expected 1.2 million global […]

Tesla Delays New Model 3 Delivery Dates in Europe, Up to Jan. 2024

Tesla has surprised European customers with an unexpected delay in the delivery dates for its popular Model 3 sedan. The new timeline has led to widespread speculation of an impending refresh of its ‘Project Highland’. According to changes spotted by @Tslachan, customers in Europe are seeing the latest estimated delivery dates on Tesla’s website below […]

Here’s the Tesla Model Y Police Kit from Unplugged Performance[VIDEO]

Hawthorne, California-based Unplugged Performance is known as one of the best aftermarket Tesla tuners, and their latest showcase of what they can do for electric police cruisers from Tesla, was on display at the recent Tesla Takeover enthusiast event. A picture of the Tesla Model Y police kit from Unplugged Performance was on display, and […]

Tesla Seeks $100M for U.S. Electric Semi-Truck Charging Route

Tesla revealed plans to build nine electric semi-truck charging stations, creating an uninterrupted route from southern Texas to northern California. To finance this ambitious project, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer is seeking nearly $100 million from the U.S. government. According to emails reviewed by Bloomberg, Tesla aims to equip each station with eight 750-kilowatt chargers […]

BC Hydro Wants to Increase EV Charging Rates, Axe Free Charging

BC Hydro emailed customers on Tuesday morning to announce on July 28, an application was submitted to the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) requesting an increase in current rates for public electric vehicle (EV) charging rates. The utility powers electricity for residents in B.C., Canada. The proposal seeks slightly higher charges than the existing interim rates […]

Tesla Financing Rates Increase in the U.S. for the Longest Loans

Amid increasing interest rates, Tesla has revised its financing terms for customers in the United States, as it has increased the annual percentage rate (APR) for car loans. Customers with excellent credit ratings will now face an APR of 6.09% for a 72-month loan, a slight increase from the previous rate of 5.89%. Furthermore, Tesla […]

Ukraine Thanks Elon Musk for Donating 500+ Tesla Powerwalls

In a momentous push against energy disruption caused by continued Russian missile strikes, Ukraine’s energy capacity has received a substantial boost through the delivery of hundreds of Tesla Powerwall 2 storage systems. The energy storage units were provided by an international collaboration including Tesla, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, the government of Poland, Direct Relief, and […]

Exxon in Early Talks with Tesla, Ford, and Volkswagen to Supply Lithium

Exxon Mobil, one of the world’s largest oil companies, is reportedly in preliminary discussions with leading automakers, including Tesla, Ford Motor, and Volkswagen, to supply lithium, a crucial component in electric vehicle batteries. The news was reported by Bloomberg Law on Monday, citing sources familiar with the matter. The discussions, which are still in their […]