Electrify America Limits Max Charging to Reduce Wait Times at Select Stations

Electrify America has initiated a pilot program to alleviate congestion at select charging stations by enforcing a max charging limit. This initiative aims to reduce wait times and increase throughput across its network, ensuring a better charging experience for all users it says.

Under this program, charging sessions at designated locations will automatically end once a vehicle reaches 85% state of charge. Drivers will then have 10 minutes to move their vehicle before idle fees are applied. This decision comes in response to customer feedback and targets high-utilization stations to enhance efficiency.

The pilot will be conducted at the following locations:

  • Plaza Del Sol, Burbank, CA
  • Target T2328, Carson, CA
  • Ralphs 060, Glendale, CA
  • Bank of America Washington-Centinela, Los Angeles, CA
  • Bank of America LA Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
  • Vons 2598, La Crescenta, CA
  • Walmart Supercenter 2177, San Diego, CA
  • Target T0767, San Dimas, CA
  • Target T1309, Van Nuys, CA
  • Yorba Canyon Center, Yorba Linda, CA

Electrify America said it would be monitoring station performance and customer sentiment throughout the pilot, making adjustments as necessary. The initiative, inspired by user feedback, aims to streamline charging sessions and minimize delays.

The pilot, which began in early July, is a proactive step to address the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Electrify America assures drivers that the pilot will help reduce congestion and improve the overall charging experience. Users are encouraged to check the Electrify America app or website for nearby stations not included in the pilot.

The downside of this is when electric vehicle owners on a road trip need a 100% state of charge–they won’t be getting it at the Electrify America stations listed above. People towing trailers will have to avoid these stations as they won’t be able to max out their charge. Towing a trailer reduces battery efficiency and having a fully-juiced up battery is essential when travelling between stations.