Lucid’s EV Tech is Better Than Tesla, Claims CEO

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson recently asserted that Lucid has surpassed Tesla in electric vehicle technology, stating that Lucid is now the tech leader in the industry.

“If we look back in time, 10, 15 years ago, Tesla was the tech leader. I think there’s a degree of distraction now, and I think that Lucid has taken that mantle,” Rawlinson boldly said to FOX News.

He emphasized that Lucid’s advancements put them ahead of Tesla, specifically citing a significant milestone. “I announced earlier this week that we’ve hit a landmark level of capability, that we’re hitting the magic 5 miles per kilowatt hour. No one else is even close,” he added.

Rawlinson described the competition as a tech race that is far from over, asserting, “We have taken the mantle of leadership. Make no mistake.” Lucid still has yet to figure out how to manufacture its cars at mass scale while also making a profit.

You can watch the exact snippet of the Lucid CEO’s words below:

Rawlinson was speaking to FOX News about when the company’s new Gravity SUV would launch, with production to start later in 2024.

Lucid’s last earnings report for Q1 in May saw revenue of $173 million, but a net loss of $685 million.