Tesla’s Giga Nevada Celebrates Production of 5 Millionth Drive Unit

5 million drive units

Tesla has announced that its Giga Nevada facility has produced its five millionth drive unit, marking a significant milestone in the company’s operations.

Hrushi, the operations leader at Giga Nevada, congratulated the team, stating, “Congratulations Giga Nevada team! We will continue to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy—one drive unit at a time!”

The Giga Nevada facility, established in 2014, has been instrumental in Tesla’s mission to transition the world to sustainable energy. The facility, which spans 5.4 million square feet, employs approximately 11,000 team members and has seen an investment of $6.2 billion from Tesla. It not only produces drive units but also manufactures batteries for Tesla’s electric vehicles.

Tesla shared a photo of the Giga Nevada team, along with balloons showing “5,000,000” and also a sign that read, “5 millionth drive unit”. One dude’s shirt up front hilariously said, “I am afraid of women”.

This milestone underscores Giga Nevada’s crucial role in supporting the production of Tesla’s best-selling vehicles, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. The drive units produced at this facility are essential components in Tesla’s electric vehicles and are pivotal to the company’s production process.

Tesla plans to invest an additional $3.6 billion in Giga Nevada to expand its manufacturing capabilities further. This investment will add 3,000 new team members and establish two new major operations: one for the production of 4680-format battery cells with an annual capacity of 100 GWh, and another for the series production of the Tesla Semi electric truck.

The production of five million drive units at Giga Nevada is a testament to Tesla’s continuous growth and innovation in the electric vehicle sector. It reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to scale up its manufacturing capacity to meet the increasing global demand for sustainable transportation solutions.