Tesla Temporarily Halts Cybertruck Deliveries Over Alleged Pedal Issue

Tesla has initiated a temporary suspension of all Cybertruck deliveries for a period of seven days to address a problem identified with the vehicle’s accelerator pedal. The pause in deliveries was first reported by @WholeMarsBlog, indicating the halt is due to an issue requiring immediate attention.

Further details shared by @SawyerMerritt on X reveal that the accelerator pedal pad may become displaced when subjected to excessive force over an extended period, attributed to the presence of lubricant residue. This discovery has led Tesla to impose a one-week hold on Cybertruck deliveries to rectify the concern.

A TikTok video has also emerged, providing a visual explanation and demonstration of the pedal issue, suggesting that Tesla needs to implement a more secure method of attaching the pedal cover to prevent future occurrences. If the cover comes off, it can cause the pedal to be depressed in its 100% position, making for a dangerous situation.

Check out the TikTok video here that apparently shows what’s happening with this pedal issue.

Has your Cybertruck delivery been paused or cancelled?