Here’s Tesla Autopark with Vision Only and No Ultrasonic Sensors [VIDEO]

tesla autopark vision

Tesla started rolling out some recent software updates that included a new version of Autopark, for cars that are Tesla Vision only and without Ultrasonic Sensors.

We now have a great look at how this new Autopark works, according to a video shared by Space Cat (@raderje). The video shows a Model Y driving through a parking lot, and the visualization shows parking spots highlighted on both the left and right sides. As the Tesla passes a spot, a “P” is highlighted indicating Autopark will work.

Once you a tap a “P”, it then shows “Autopark Ready” and owners are prompted to tap a large blue “Start” button. From here, the visualization switches to a bird’s eye view, the car pulls forward and the spot is highlighted in blue. Then we see the Tesla reverse into the chosen spot.

Owners can tap the brake to pause. Once the parking is done, the message “Autopark Complete” shows on the screen.

“So far I’m pretty impressed. It’s way better than the old Autopark,” said Space Cat. “Good job, Tesla,” he said, after a successful parking job.

Autopark looks pretty impressive, based entirely on cameras with Tesla Vision. Check out the video demo below: