Edmunds Revises Tesla Cybertruck Range Test After Inaccuracies

Edmunds, a prominent automotive review site, has updated its review of the Tesla Cybertruck after receiving feedback from users on X, pointing out inaccuracies in the original story.

Initially, Edmunds reported that the Cybertruck failed to meet Tesla’s own 340-mile range estimate, stating, “No Tesla has ever met its EPA-estimated range in our real-world testing, and now the Cybertruck falls short of Tesla’s own 340-mile estimate –– just.”

However, users on X, including Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, quickly responded to Edmunds, highlighting that the Cybertruck tested was equipped with all-terrain tires, which are rated for 318 miles of range, not the 340 miles as initially claimed.

Merritt further noted that the absence of aero wheel covers on the tested vehicle, which are known to increase range, contributed to the discrepancy. He clarified, “The Cybertruck you guys drove had all-terrain tires, which are rated for 318 miles of range. Additionally, your Cybertruck didn’t have the aero wheel covers on, which increases range. Range is 340 miles with all-season tires.”

The original post on X by Edmunds has also had a Community Note added to it as well, clarifying the inaccuracies.

Acknowledging the oversight, Edmunds corrected the original article to accurately reflect the performance of the Foundation Series Cybertruck.

The updated range test now includes a statement: “Update: Since publishing this article, we have verified that the Foundation Series Cybertruck on all-terrain tires is rated by Tesla as having 318 miles of range. Our original article was based on Tesla’s publicly available range figure of 340 miles. The Cybertruck, therefore, actually exceeded its range estimates. We look forward to testing the 340-mile-rated Cybertruck on all-season tires with aero covers.”

The revised title, “Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series Beats Tesla’s Estimate in Edmunds’ EV Range Test,” now accurately represents the vehicle’s performance, with the Cybertruck achieving 334 miles of range, surpassing both the adjusted estimate for its configuration and rectifying the initial reporting error.