Why Tesla Cut Model Y Prices for February, Explains Elon Musk

Tesla recently slashed its Model Y RWD and Long Range prices in the U.S. by $1,000 off, a discount only available for the rest of February.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Tesla said on X, the “world’s bestselling SUV is $1k off this month. Prices will go up again in March,” noting the Model Y is “more affordable than you think.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said yesterday, “Since most people don’t love to buy cars in the middle of winter, Tesla is offering a $1000 incentive to do so.”

“This is the essential quandary of manufacturing: factories need continuous production for efficiency, but consumer demand is seasonal,” explained Musk.

Once March 1 hits, the Model Y in the U.S. will jump back up by $1,000. Apparently, a Tesla note to advisors said the Model Y will reportedly not get an update in 2024, as many are anticipating a ‘Highland’ update just like we’ve seen for the Model 3.

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