Cybertruck Update Allows Outlet Charging–While Charging

Cybertruck charging 1

Tesla’s Cybertruck owners received their first software update, with 2024.2.3 rolling out.

This update introduced improved ride handling as noted in release notes, but there are undocumented changes, as shared by @dblcapcrimpin.

Cybertruck charging 2

One major addition through this Cybertruck software update is the new ability to charge items through the outlets in the truck bed, while you are Supercharging. @dblcapcrimpin shared images of recharging an electric power supply while he was charging his Cybertruck.

Also new in this 2024.2.3 software update for Cybertruck? It’s now possible to keep charging items through the Cybertruck outlets beyond 20% state of charge, all the way down to 5%.

Another change is Cybertruck now will make it easier to remain in Off Road setting upon exit of the vehicle. Now you can quickly get back to Off Road in 2 taps instead of 4-5 taps.

Check out a video overview of the 2024.2.3 software update for the Cybertruck below:

YouTube video