Cybertruck Gets Improved Ride and Handling with Software Update

With Tesla’s latest 2024.2.3 software update that’s rolling out, it includes new enhancements, especially for the Cybertruck.

The update brings improved ride and handling to the Cybertruck, which Tesla noting benefits of more consistent response on various road surfaces. Meanwhile there’s increased comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode, and in Focused mode under Custom Ride & Handling. For Off-Road Mode, expect reduced pitch and body roll, according to updates shared by Tesla Software Updates.

Check out the full 2024.2.3 software release notes below:

Ultra-Wideband Phone Key

  • Available Models: Model 3 New, Model X New, Cybertruck
  • Details:
    • Enables highly accurate and responsive locking, unlocking, and automatic door opening.
    • Setup through the Tesla app under Phone Key > Upgrade.
    • Requires iPhone 11+ with Tesla app version 4.29.5+ and Nearby Interactions enabled in iPhone settings.

Reminder to Plug In at Home

  • Available Models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y
  • Details:
    • Sends a reminder to plug in your vehicle when parked at home with less than half charge.
    • Requires Home location set in the vehicle and previous charging history at this location.
    • Vehicle location data remains private.

Improved Ride and Handling

  • Available Model: Cybertruck
  • Details:
    • Enhanced consistency on various road surfaces and comfort on rough terrain.
    • Settings available under Dynamics for selecting Drive Mode.

Over-the-Air Recall: Telltale Text Size

  • Available Models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y (Not available in Germany)
  • Details:
    • Increases the text size of three telltales as a remedy for US Recall 24V-051.
    • No further action required post-update.

More Efficient Charging

  • Available Models: Model 3 and Model Y (Available in Germany)
  • Details:
    • Adjusts vehicle to match DC charging station power levels for more efficient battery preconditioning and charging.

Adaptive Headlights

  • Available Model: Model 3 New (Available in Germany)
  • Details:
    • High beams adjust to minimize glare for other road users.
    • Individual pixels of the headlights dim selectively to improve night visibility.
    • Activate under Lighting > Adaptive High Beam in vehicle settings.

Security Improvements

  • Available Models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y
  • Details:
    • Includes important security fixes and improvements.