Largest Gathering of Cybertruck Owners Looks Like the Future

Cybertruck meet up

Image credit: TOSCV on X

The Tesla Owners of Santa Clarita Valley achieved a new record for the largest gathering of Cybertrucks outside of Tesla’s own events.

On Saturday, they managed to assemble nine of these futuristic trucks, marking a significant milestone for the Tesla community.

The event, celebrated by local Tesla owners, was not just a display of electric vehicle enthusiasm but also a testament to the growing popularity of Tesla’s Cybertruck. The organizers expressed their gratitude on social media, stating, “Thanks to all who came to our event, we have some big plans in the works!”

In a unique demonstration of the Cybertruck’s utility features, attendees used an outlet on the truck to power a microwave, reheating Krispy Kreme donuts, showcasing the practical aspects of owning such a vehicle.

Adding to the event’s excitement, a video shared on social media captured three Cybertrucks driving side by side on Angeles Crest Highway, off to the canyon cruise, creating a visually striking scene reminiscent of a science fiction movie. This cannot be real!

As more Cybertruck deliveries take place, these future Tesla meet-ups are going to look even crazier as Cybertruck numbers increase.