Your Tesla Now Predicts Supercharger Stall Availability on Arrival

Supercharger arrival

Tesla recently added a new feature to its vehicle software to make it more convenient for owners heading to Superchargers.

According to Zack (@BLKMDL3), he spotted that when navigating to a Supercharger, Tesla now informs owners how many stalls are “available on arrival”, and tells you the number of other owners “en route”.

His screenshot shows that the Santa Monica Supercharger in California, has 62 stalls, but should have 41 stalls available when he arrives, while 3 cars are en route. That’s pretty neat and helpful for owners seeking a fast and efficient charging experience.

Tesla vehicles already start preconditioning batteries when you navigate to a Supercharger to allow for the fastest possible charging speeds. This new feature is a great change, spotted in 2024.2. However, Dan Burkland says this change was also in 2023.44.30 software builds as well.

Nonetheless, this is yet another great feature being added by the Tesla software team, that rivals have yet to catch up on.